Monday, July 28, 2014

Cannons or Lizards?

I've come back to my "Under the Scalp" blog after so long because I'm stumped. As many folks know, I'm quite a big fan of Major League Lacrosse. I've been to the last two All-Star games, taking my wife to Charlotte last year, and my father-in-law to Boston this year. I've been a Cannons season ticket holder, and traveled to Boston for the championships at Harvard Stadium two years ago. Yep, that's been me in two different Cannons hats, three different t-shirts, and two pair of Cannons shorts, all over the place.

Here's the problem: I've got this adorable new baby daughter. At 10 weeks old, I'm not quite as able to jump in the car and drive the three plus hours to Boston to catch a game anymore. She's actually sat down to watch a Lacrosse game with me recently, and seemed to pay attention! (Sadly it was that debacle of a loss to the Launch). Whether or not that means she'll be a fan is irrelevant. What's important is that I do love watching it (especially live), and heading to watch the Cannons isn't something I'll be able to do a lot for a number of years.

Enter the Lizards. Yes, the New York Lizards - some mocking that often comes from folks because I don't tend to root for NY Sports teams. The fact is that my wife's family lives on Long Island (home of Hostra, where the Lizards play), so I spend a decent amount of time down there. My father-in-law really likes Lacrosse, and the MLL as well (thanks to our trips), so I'd even have someone to go to games with me locally. Jumping over to a Lizards game becomes a quick thing after dinner (or work for a Thursday game), instead of a road trip to Boston.

Now, Ned Crotty - of Duke - plays for the Lizards. I could see my way to being a big Crotty fan. For those who don't know me, I'm a very, very big Duke fan. Yes, Lacrosse as well as Basketball (and Football, despite the losing history). Currently, my favorite player is #41 in your programs but #1 in your hearts (maybe #2 behind Rabil), Mr. Mike Stone of the Boston Cannons! In fact, I just got his shirt - and went through great pains to make that happen - at the All Star game. Sure, he rebuffed my request to sign a hat or shirt the last couple of years, but hey, the guy's busy, right? And, yeah, I'm a big Kevin Buchanan fan... and who doesn't love Paul Rabil... and is there any better face off specialist than Eck?!? And yet... as I said... I find myself torn. Do I trade the Red and Blue for the Green and Black? How would I look in a Lizards hat? Will the teams themselves weigh in on my dilemma?!?