Thursday, October 1, 2009

Remembered Ouch

Under the scalp this morning as I wipe the sleep from my eyes is that there are two things I learned from rehabbing my knee years ago: rehabbing an injury hurts, and there will be set backs. The first one makes sense, because you are using muscles that you haven't used in a while, or muscles that have to be rebuilt. Building muscle means pushing past your current threshold (muscle is actually built by breaking muscles). Anyone who has actually worked out, and built muscle, can explain that there is a certain ache that you come home with from the gym, if you did it right; rehab takes it a step further. I also know that there will be a setback (it always happens, you know it's going to happen, and it happening still devastates you). One nice item under the scalp, however - today isn't the setback, so I'm going to drag my lumpy bottom outside for another walk.

Last night saw an interesting turn (and pushing too far) on the treadmill, as I maintained a 2.7mph pace for about 15 minutes, cranked to 2.8 for 5, and 2.9 for another 5. Pushed it too far, of course, and 2.9 was too ambitious for so early in the game, but I managed to go 25 minutes and 1.15 miles before twinging reminded me that it was time to shut it down. Still, I am encouraged at the new plateau that I have reached. The doctors explained that walking is all that I can do right now as far as rehab goes. October 8th is my follow-up, and today begins week 4 since the procedure. My goal is to already have built some strength by the time any organized physical therapy begins. That has also included some chair exercises. Exercise point for anyone working at a desk and interested in tightening those abs. While you're sitting and working, suck in your belly button towards your spine for a ten count. Do that eight to ten times in a row... and be surprised at the ache. You are actually working those abs. Try doing it a few times during the day, every day, and you will actually strengthen them. It will take diet and cardio to scrape off the fat so that people can see those abs, but one thing at a time.

Food from Wednesday: breakfast: forgot, lunch: tuna sandwich on multi-grain bread with a handful of pretzels and a banana for dessert, dinner: pasta with a perch and onion sauce (two tablespoons of smart balance margarine, t-spoon of rice flour makes a rue; cup of chicken stock, chop up the onions and fish to cook in; put the pasta in afterward to finish cooking, and soak up some of the sauce. Use gluten free pasta and it becomes a fully gluten free dish).

Putting in the MP3 player (non-Apple brand), putting on shorts and a fleece, and putting in about 20 minutes of strolling before work.

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