Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 2

First thing under the scalp this morning: "Man I'm exhausted, but I'm still fat." Let's add in that this back isn't going to strengthen itself, and certainly isn't going to get better if I just roll over and go back to waiting for my alarm. So it was time to drag the body up and out of bed... slog around finding all of the necessary items to get outside, including bagging up some of the recyclable plastic bottles. Doc says no more than 10lbs for lifting at the moment, but two bags of plastics come out to probably 3 or 4lbs. Decided to try combining a walk up the hill in the development (about .3 miles) with carrying up the recyclables. These things never show right away, so if I'm in agony around 4:00, we'll know this was a dumb idea. Got out by 7:25, walked up, walked back, and spent the rest of the time walking the good old circle. The pace is still horribly slow - especially up that hill - but I did it, and that's a step in the right direction, both in the battle to recover and the battle of the bulge. It'll be a longer day today (my last appointment first starts at 5:00) but the walking time enabled me to fine tune an idea to drive some revenue at work, so there's your side benefit. Under the scalp I got, "hey, why don't we go out and find some inexpensive sponsors for our email newsletters?" If we score enough to just cover operating costs of the email system, it's a positive step because we aren't losing anything, even if it isn't a huge gain.

Breakfast thoughts - going to do a banana and some grapes, and a bunch of water. Time for a quick shower, pulling on the snazzy clothes for work, and out the door early again!

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