Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back Under the Scalp

For the last handful of months, the only thing under my scalp was pain... in my back... in a very severe manner. Now, however, I am about to mark three weeks since surgical repair of said back, and now I'm on to the rehabilitation portion of the show. The interesting aspect is that I managed to gain a whole lot of weight while the last month before my procedure and the first two weeks of recovery passed. So now, the main thoughts under my scalp - shed weight (I'm almost scraping 220lbs) and regain strength in my back faster than the experts consider possible.

Why am I sharing this? Perhaps a sense of public shaming will be helpful. So, let's chat about the eating and the exercise. While still a week away from clearance to begin hard-core workouts, I walked 1.5 miles today on the treadmill. I kept the pace at a very slow 2.5 - 2.6mph out of sheer necessity (3mph never felt "wicked fast" before), so it took some time. I fully understand that this is day one, but I also realize that it's something of a pathetic start.

So let's set some goals... whereas you, the world wide web, can mock me if I do not meet said goals to get back into shape. For the end of this week, let's set a goal to clear 1.5 at an average of 2.8mph pace, with a goal for 3.0mph by next Wednesday. Let's also set a goal to weigh in at no more than 218 by next Thursday (giving me a week to shed 1lb). Planned dinner for Wednesday: baked filet of perch with creamed corn on the side. I might even post the recipe.

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