Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Human Litters

There is an interesting article on The Daily Beast today talking about the Octo-Mom and John & Kate plus eight. It mentions that a litter of six should be enough to get you on television these days.

A litter??

Listen, and listen carefully. Dogs have litters. Cats have litters. Humans, we aren't supposed to have litters. I understand full well that some drastic measures need to be taken when you are trying to get pregnant, and are failing at it. I understand that the average woman has many more eggs than she will ever use, thanks to the concept that adulthood doesn't begin until law makers say it does, as opposed to when nature (also known as puberty) decides it as so. (Interesting side-thought: the concept of what G-d wants seems to be bandied about a lot by the far right wing, but isn't G-d the one who decided that adulthood began around thirteen? Interesting case of cherry picking. Not that this gives anyone permission to go near my cousin.)

My problem is that, much like the debacle that is reality TV (also known as "acting far from reality"), having full on litter of babies can now make you rich and famous. Raising Sextuplets just started on WE. The Octo-Mom has received massive attention (and government money) for her brood. Weren't we supposed to just be having children because we want to pass on our legacy? Having them because we love kids? Having them because we just wanted children of our own? When did it become about finding a way to turn procreation into profit? I can't help but find it sad. Personally, I'm hoping that, when the time comes, I am lucky enough to have two children. It provides them a life-long friend. Also, while growing up, it provides the younger someone to terrify, and the older someone to beat up. That's harmony.

Let me stop for a moment and make myself clear - I have no issue with large families. I have known people who come from groups of three, five, and even six. My issues comes with the concept of six at one time being motivation for a mini-series, or even a long running show. The previously mentioned groups were born out of love from their parents, have been raised well, and were quite honestly affordable to the parents... not a device to cash in.

Besides, I have to honestly ask, when those sextuplets are fourteen, obnoxious, and the television deal has long since pulled out, what happens next? Do we start a new show called John and Kate Hate Eight? When the money has run out... when the family has trouble affording food... when two of the kids are on drugs... when John finally gets his divorce (apparently he's been looking for one). Tell me, what happens to the family then? Now that is real life drama, and yet, it was still fabricated by Hollywood. Just without the TV rights.

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  1. It is wrong all around really. "back in the day" people had large families, in alot of cases to help run the family farms. I know this because my great grandmother was one of 18, they had a farm. Today that is obviously NOT the case. Alot of times these people who are having multiple children at one time are desperate because they have not been able to concieve by regular means and are forced to use methods like invitro, which many times results in multiples. Twins are hard enough on a womans body, humans are not meant to have "litters". In other cases like with this 'octo mom' you have a crazy woman wanting to have 13 kids and an irresponsible doctor. I could go on and on here about this forever, but im just going to say that you are right. I can't help but wonder what happens when the cameras stop filming, when the kids are all grown up and some other 'litter' has come into the spotlight. How can they ensure that every one of their 8, 10, 14 kids has everything they need growing up? Are they only thinking about the fame and not the future of their children?

    Personally I am one of four children, my mom always wanted a big family. I feel very fortunate to be apart of a big family, and to have had experiences both learning from them and being tortured by them over the years.

    ok I have gotta run, but I do find it really interesting that the ad on the side is a very large (and colorful) trojan condom ad.