Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Century

Lately there has been too much bad news in the news, from GM to the newspaper industry to all sorts of issues in the global political arena. The worst part is, I've been talking about it just as much as everyone else. That said, today, I'm going to do a happy Friday blog, and I'm going to do it by wishing a happy birthday.

Donald Wood of Sparta, NJ, just celebrated his 101st birthday on Sunday May 31st. Working at a local funeral home, the man only just retired at the age of 97. How about that for longevity? I suppose the fact that my gramps is 85 and doesn't really feel like retiring yet gets a little support here. According to the CDC, the life expectancy for Americans is just under 78 years old. Despite all of our modern medicine and technology, we still sport a C+ as a nation. Donald is busting the curve.

So let's wrap this up on a quiet Friday morning by wishing Mr. Wood L'Chaim, and wishing good health to all of you. Keep healthy, eat a little better, stay strong, have fun and be like Donald!

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