Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Goodbye Mr Eddings

I was very sad to open my email this morning and learn that David Eddings had passed away. One of my favorite authors, and one of the greatest Fantasy writers of all time, Eddings will be deeply missed. His series The Belgariad is so well thought out, so deep and detailed of a world, that I was compelled to complete the entire five book series in nine days. So deeply drawn in was I, so full were the characters, that I can still picture young Garion in my mind and imagine what further exploits he might be undertaking. I think about Polgara, and how it might have been to have her as my aunt. When I discovered The Malloreon, the five-book sequel series, and the other books written in that universe, I was in heaven. Finding his multiple series on the character Sparhawk made life even better.

If you are not a fan of the science fiction and fantasy genre, that is just fine. It doesn't even matter. If you simply like good literature, quality stories, I implore you, pick up one of Eddings' books. Just go pick up The Diamond Throne, the first book in The Elenium, of the three book Sparhawk series. The three book collection is less of an investment, which is for the best, as you will quickly want to buy the other two books. Heck, if you know me outside of the virtual world, and want to borrow my copy of any of the Eddings books, I will gladly lend them to you - or try your library, as I'm certain he's in there.

We had lost a great writer, and a great contributor to society. Mourning is deserved, but reading is essential.

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