Friday, June 5, 2009

Amazon Under Foot

Chickenfoot will release their actual jewel case album in a couple of days, but there is actually a deal on to download the album for only $3.99, from now until the 8th (yep, that link will take you to the deal). Of course, I jumped on the offer, already plunked down my $3.99, and the album is currently downloaded to my PC (they have special functionality for MACs and Linux as well). As my car can play mp3s, I am just ripping a couple of the other albums I recently bought, and putting all 5 CDs onto one disk to bring in the car today.

I am very excited about Chickenfoot's album, as most folks know, but I am more excited because this is my first CD purchase. Strangely, I have never actually gotten into the iTunes aspect of things, and have generally opted for jewel cases. I understand that the music industry is changing. As a musician who is selling his own CD (Lighting the Dark, $9), I also have my music listed on several mp3 services, including an iTunes listing. You would think that I would have jumped on this whole Amazon thing by now, but I just hadn't. So, assuming that the quality is good, and that I don't actually miss the jewel case in my collection (I did back up the download on my external hard drive), this might become my new way of music purchase. I'm actually excited... now I just need to remember how to hook an mp3 player up to my car, and I won't even have to burn CDs anymore!

I'd love some comments from folks who have actually bought via Amazon, and their take on it. Actually, anyone who has an attitude on the downloading versus the jewel case, I'd be curious to hear from. Did anyone make the switch to only downloading? Anyone try downloading and decide that its jewel cases or its nothing?

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