Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We Know Drama

TNT knows drama. How do I know this? Last year it was all that they could talk about, on any and every single television commercial for the station. A new show? It's a drama, because we know drama. The network itself? All drama, because we known drama. The NBA playoffs, even! You see, that right there is what caught me up. What brought it all to mind is this year's set of NBA playoffs. You see, this year, we have seen a lot of games come down to the wire, an overtime game last night, and a lot of stunning, well, I'll say it - drama! Last year's playoffs, however, was really nothing of the sort. I know, the first game of the first round between Phoenix and San Antonio was amazing, but a lot of the playoffs was somewhat predictable, generic, and the games were over before they were over. TNT, however, didn't pay that much attention, and swore to us that they know drama. Over and over. And over. And again.

This year, we have lots of drama. What in the heck happened to those commercials? Granted, they were annoying as all get out, but at least this year they would make some sense.

And while I'm complaining about the Turner television stations, has anyone else noticed issues with TBS lately? Shows jumping to commercial when they are a good ten to twenty seconds away from the end point of the segment. Commercials cutting off a few seconds in and jumping to another commercial. Blips and gleeps showing up in and around shows. Is someone just asleep at the switch there? In this economy, with so many quality people currently out of work, you honestly can't find someone to make the transition to the advertising more smoothly? Jon, if you're reading this, do you know how to make those transitions happen? Could we possibly get you a job down in Atlanta so that I can find out what the heck Chandler said last night??

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