Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time Served

Michael Vick is no longer allowed to vote thanks to the Fourteenth Amendment, which actually allows states to deny convicted felons the right to vote. What Michael can do, however, is become, once again, gainfully employed. In a short while, Vick will have his opportunity, as he has been released from prison today. Controversial as it sounds, I actually have no problem with Michael Vick going back to work, even as a football player, if he can find a job.

Yes, you read that correctly. I understand that Vick hurt animals, and that this is largely unacceptable, whether or not you are a fan of dogs specifically. Every single person who has served time and paid their debt to society is granted the right to find work again. The same would go for you or I, were we to make a stupid mistake. Of course, we would probably have a difficult time finding acceptance at first, but I'm willing to bet that things are going to be a lot worse for Vick than he realizes.

Keep in mind that Mister Vick has almost no money left. His contract was terminated with the Atlanta Falcons and all of his endorsement contracts were ended. Essentially, that ends all future income. He also had hefty legal bills to pay, and the cupboard has largely gone dry for Michael. He has to work, somewhere, but the question is... even if he finds work, how well will that go for him? Let's imagine, for fun, that an NFL team has the courage to bring Michael Vick into camp, and even to sign him for the season. Maybe the Raiders, who have little left to lose. That team is going to face a likely decline in ticket sales, loss of sponsorship money, and backlash for the team in general. Vick will be lambasted across the nation via television, radio, the internet, the water cooler, and anywhere else that anyone interested in the NFL might talk. He will be booed during every game, for every move he makes. He will be shadowed by the same hordes that have tracked down Alex Rodriguez, begging for a slip up, and exploiting it - and damaging his private life - from here on out.

That, dear readers, is why I say that I have no issue with Michael Vick re-entering the NFL. Everyone deserves a second chance. Michael Vick might just discover that he honestly doesn't want it.

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