Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Super Cool

Do you watch the Simpsons? Have you ever seen an episode featuring Comic Book Guy? He has that absolutely biting sarcastic attitude, a strange sense of humor that is more cruel than funny, and gets pleasure from the misery of others. This absolute jerk is supposed to be emblematic of "every comic book story owner" according to TV Guide article. The funny thing is that the character is so far from the truth, and yet the real life comic shop guy genuinely has this impression in the minds of most of America.

Me, I just got back into reading comic books again lately. That's right, I play rock n roll, I shoot hoops when the back is right, I hit the gym, and yes, I read comic books. Mostly, I'm a fan of the DC Universe, growing up as a Superman addict (right down to the watch that my parents got me for my 29th birthday). These days, I've been catching up on Batman (imagine this - he's dead. Spoiler alert, don't read the previous sentence if you haven't been keeping up on Batman), and the little "family" of his characters, like Nightwing and the new Robin, Tim Drake. What I'm reading, however, is a lot less important than where I've gotten my goods. For the most part, I'm buying from Heroes World in Milford, PA, but every so often I pick some stuff up at Main Street Comics in Middletown, NY. In both stores you find owners who are very kind, very eager to help out, and happy to answer any questions that you have, or go that extra mile for you if they can. These are genuinely nice, wonderful people - and I know for a fact that at least one of the shop owners is married, because Joel's wife runs the shop during the week in Milford (so that ruins that portion of the stereotype).

Alright, I know fully well that the Simpsons is just a television show, that they make fun of everything and everyone that they can get hold of, but this is just something that came to mind today. Hey, I grew up a dork, I'm currently a dork, and I always will be a dork, no matter how many camping trips I go on, mountains I climb up, rebounds I collect, miles I manage to tread, or any other accomplishments... and I'm proud of who I am. Heck, my best friend read Wolverine and the Punisher for years, spent time in the Marines (you don't get more man than that), and while it might have seemed silly while we were growing up, Wolverine is one of the hottest things going now. Everyone seems to want to get into that world, or the world of Batman thanks to Christian Bale... or many other worlds that all spawn from the pages of DC and Marvel (or even Dark Horse). You could have been paying all kinds of attention to these interesting stories for years, of course... and all it takes is a quick trip to the comic store, and the awesome guy that is your local Comic Book Guy.

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  1. I'm a Batman girl myself. Just wanted to throw a comment out so you know people are reading. :) Enjoy the comics. And I LOVE the Simpsons comic book store guy. I actually do know one guy who worked in a comic book store that was EXACTLY like the Simpsons character. Odd.