Friday, May 22, 2009

Still Threatened

It isn't over. Quite honestly, it may never be over. No doubt you have already heard about the plan to blown up a New York synagogue by a group of angry Muslim men. Yes, I flat out said that they were Muslims, and no, there is no shame in my voice when I say it. Muslims targeting Jews for explosive devices is, sadly, nothing new. Unfortunately, it is a common theme in Israel, and has been for some time. Attacks on America, sadly, are a little more new, but we are beginning to get used to that too, aren't we? England is no stranger to explosions in the transit system, either, again incited by Muslims who were protesting the Iraq war. Most people, when protesting, hold up signs, march around, and shout obscenities... some people sign petitions... occasionally a brave soul stands in front of a tank. What reasonable humans do not do, however, is murder innocents, and then claim that no one is innocent.

Important point to make - not all Muslims are suicide bombers. You can't make this generalization any more than you can say all Christians burn crosses and murder blacks, or all Jews are ruthless millionaires who control the media for their own gain. No, we are talking about Muslim Extremists, and they are no different from the KKK or the White Supremacists who believe that death to a people, just because they are a people, is acceptable. They are the dark underbelly, but they must most definitely be recognized. Granted, there are Muslims who don't pray three times a day, Jews who struggle to pay bills but love their bacon and Christians who think of Sundays as a day for football and nothing else, while having not read a bible since they were children. I have met people from all three categories, and they do not seem to be in the minority. And yet, we are paralyzed at the idea of uttering the phrase "Muslim Extremist" - but not at denouncing the White Supremacist. Why is that? Have we in America, in the world, become so petrified that we might invite violent retaliation, that we guard our tongues and placate these evil beings in the hopes that they might begin to like us? That they might hurt us? Have we honestly put them in control?

Congratulations, America, you have allowed the terrorists to win. Honestly and truly, this is no propaganda from the office of one Dick Cheney. The duty of a terrorist is not to murder, but to establish terror - fear. We are afraid. It is our sense of "political correctness" - nothing more than a fear of offending each and every individual group and sub-group in a vain attempt to stave off a law suit - has advanced to a stage of true paralysis. Profiling is deemed "wrong" and keeping an eye on any particular group is seen as insensitive. Hopefully, when we are brought to our knees, when we are destroyed, the victors will laud how emotionally secure they feel, and how they are in a happy place thanks mostly to our generous treatment and guarding of their feelings.

Rome fell. The sun finally set on the British Empire. I simply am surprised that the end of our greatness had to come in my life time.

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