Friday, May 22, 2009

Seriously Thanks

Memorial Day is upon us here in the United States (I need to specify because I now have readers in seven countries). Most of us are conditioned to think that this means a day off from work on Monday, meat roasted over a grill and the opening of pool season. We are actually supposed to honor our fallen heroes during this holiday, but I also like to think that it isn't a bad time to say thank you to those who are still around. The men (and, lately, women) who have gone off to fight battles so that we don't have to. The men and women who have had to leave their homes so that we can be safe here in our beds. Now, for those who are interested, the site that I found and linked to above has a page full of information to adopt a POW if you are so inclined. While this is not something that I have done, I know people who have, and think it's a pretty solid thing to do.

Hopefully everyone knows someone out there that they can celebrate. My thank you, however, shouts out to three men in particular. My grandfather fought in World War II while his younger brother is a veteran of The Korean War. These men are members of what is commonly referred to as America's Greatest Generation, and I am a lucky kid to have grown up with them, and still have them around into my early 30s. Here's to hoping that modern medicine continues a great run.

Another slot needs to be carved out to say thank you, especially, for my best friend who is a veteran of the Kosovo War. Far too many people have glossed over this one, forgotten about it as if it were a weekend on a beach front, instead of the need to prevent genocide.

Go out and find someone to thank this weekend. Drop by a local VFW if nothing else, but say your thank you, publicly or privately. After all, if it wasn't them, there is a darn good chance that it would be you.

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