Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Honestly, Who Cares About A-Rod?

According to The Daily Beast, who I read religiously because of their generally quality reporting regarding things that matter, New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez is dating Kate Hudson now. I skimmed the article. Actually, I rolled past it (thankfully, and to their credit, it was the 13th item on their cheat sheet today), but then doubled back. While my initial thought was, "well, damn, who cares about that anymore," I figured, if they had it up, there must be something to it. Nah. Nothing important at all. The story on Bill Clinton being named as envoy to Haiti was sixteenth on the list. What the heck? Bill is news... Alex Rodriguez is not news. I'm sorry, but in the scheme of important things, Alex Rodriguez honestly is not news. Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson? Far less important news. And here, here was Alex Rodriguez, mixed up in the "real news" yet again.

I just experimented and jumped over to Page6 and the top story is A-Rod Batters Up With Kate Hudson. Remind me how something that lands in the Page6 site belongs anywhere near the top news??

One more experiment, browsing over to the ESPN.com MLB section - no mention of Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson. Why? It isn't news! These guys are the czars of all sports. More people trust ESPN than Major League Baseball itself, and they couldn't care less about who Alex Rodriguez is dating. Why? It has nothing to do with how he swings his bat, how he has recovered from surgery, and how his fielding is shaping up for the season.

I am going to make a plea, now: leave Alex Rodriguez alone! If you don't cover sports, don't cover Alex Rodriguez. If you aren't talking balls and strikes, don't talk about Alex Rodriguez. If you do, then you might as well tell us who Justin Morneau is dating. Morneau, the 2006 American League MVP, is apparently dating Krista Martin. I looked up who Albert Pujols is dating, but couldn't find it. What does Pujols have to do with anything? Well, like Morneau and Rodriguez, Pujols is a corner infielder (first baseman) who won the MVP (2008 National League). His dating life holds as much bearing on your life as does that of Alex Rodriguez.

So, look, go and watch the Yankees play. Alex Rodriguez happens to be a very good player, and happens to be doing nicely in the last few days. He has a teammate that is heating up named Mark Texiera who is considered fairly good looking, from what I understand. There is this guy named Joba Chamberlain who even looks like he's constantly doing Frank Caliendo's impression of George W. Bush (caution - YouTube video with sound, if you are watching at work). What these guys look like, though, and who they date means nothing in terms of sports, means nothing in terms of the real world... genuinely means nothing at all. Let it go. Please. I don't want to have to talk about this again. I should be talking about GM selling off to a new American company instead. Talking about Clinton and Haiti. Talking about the other Clinton and Palin. This one just annoyed me quite enough. Leave Alex Rodriguez alone.

Until October.

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