Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For Now, I'm Out

I was just reading this article on Tech Crunch about 15 things to do while Twitter is down and realized that I've been spending too much time on Facebook and Twitter lately. No, I'm not about to go and quit writing my blog, quit Facebook or anything else of that matter. Thing is, I've got this back injury, and it's been wickedly flaring up the past week and a half. I've spent a lot of time inside on my back with my laptop, in the recliner, or in other laid back positions trying to ease the ache (not much of a fan of pills). Thing is, doc told me today that, while that's alright to do to get you through a rough spot, he actually wants me to get out and do as much walking around as I can stomach. And, you know, it really has been beautiful out the last few days, and here I am, sitting in the house, gritting my teeth, and playing on Facebook. Well, gosh darn it, I am going to throw on a pair of sneakers (tennis shoes to those of you who... say it wrong) and drag my sorry carcass around outside for a few minutes.

Why am I telling you this? Honestly, I want you to try it too. It's crazy, but if you'll recall, we all spent hours and hours outside as kids, every chance that we could get... and yet, I'm willing to bet that, what with a job and some television shows that you might be addicted to, the outside time takes a back seat. So, join me and wander around outside for about 10 minutes or so, maybe more if you can stomach it! I'll be that guy limping awkwardly around the little park in my complex.


  1. Well said, Gary. Hard to believe that back in the day, having to come inside when the street lamps came on was a HUGE let down, given that in this day and age, getting outside is really difficult to fit into the day.

    On another note- for your back, ever think about going for therapeutic massage? Check out to find a licensed therapist near you. Some even accept insurance. And it's been show to reduce pain, especially chronic pain. Just a thought. Plus it feels good. :)

    Keep up the blogging.


  2. Thanks, definitely going to have a look at this website. My goal is, by the end of this summer, to be able to go out and play until the street lights come back on.